Statement of Values and Business Ethics

What started 41 years ago in Grand Rapids, Michigan as primarily an industrial waste transportation company has grown into three divisions including field services and electronics recycling. In 2009 we opened our first branch location in Portage to develop new opportunity.

As we strive to be a leader in environmental services in our market area, we want to reaffirm our dedication to maintaining the fundamental principles of fairness, honesty and common sense that have guided how Valley City has done business for so many years.

Five key principals guide Valley City's daily business decisions:

  1. Valley City will provide high quality service. We will be on time and complete the task in an efficient and professional manner that meets or exceeds expectations. We intend to generate a level of customer satisfaction that ranks us at the top of our industry.
  2. We will not compromise safety or regulatory compliance. Regular training, specified operating procedures and attention to detail will provide an assurance that personal safety is maintained and that all operations comply with federal, state and local requirements.
  3. The environment is a valuable resource that must be sustained. The services we provide are part of the solution to the environmental challenges of our day.
  4. Employees are Valley City’s most valuable assets. We take responsibility to provide fulfilling jobs that emotionally and financially sustain those employees and their families.
  5. Valley City will be a good corporate citizen. We support charities and encourage employee participation in schools, civic organizations and local charities.

Preserving these values is a responsibility that falls on all of us. Principled business ethics should form the basis for all of our relationships with employees, customers, partners, competitors, suppliers and colleagues.

We believe that trusting, long-term relationships are built through communication, honesty, openness and fair play. If we strive to live and abide by basic ethical standards we will foster an environment of mutual trust and respect and both as individuals and as a company continue to build on our reputation for integrity.